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BAY OF CRUDEN Bay of Cruden
Bay of Cruden
Bay of Cruden
Revd [Reverend] Dr. Pratt Cruden
William Crystall Lodge
Mr. Smith, Fountainbleau.
040 A beautiful little bay on the east part of the parish about half a mile south of "Slains Castle" and extending Southward for about a mile and is one of the prettiest places along the Coast, being the only spot where there is any sandy beach, and appealing again to the Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratts work we find the following accurate description of the bay and its surrounding objects. "To the north of "(the Village of)" Whinnyfold is the Bay of Cruden. The beautiful beach, which follows the sweep of the bay, extends from the Scaurs - a group of prominent rocks running out about half a mile into the sea - to the Water of Cruden; a distance of about two miles. Near the centre is the Hawklaw, a lofty headland, which commands a magnificent view of the German Ocean, extending, on the one hand to the Bay of Aberdeen, and on the other to the Buchanness lighthouse, an interval of thirty miles. Below the eye, the sweeping beach, with sands as smooth and firm as the floor of a Cathedral; on either hand extensive braes and links, exuberant with wild-flowers; on the left, in the middle distance, Slains Castle towering over the cliffs. These with its pure and exhilerating air, constitute this one of the most pleasing spots on the coast." from "Buchan" by the Revd [Reverend] John B. Pratt LLD. [Doctor of Laws] M.A. [Master of Arts] &c. - page 30 Chap. III [Chapter 3]

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Parish of Cruden

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