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W Castles Tenant
J. Milne Oldtown
Keith Forbes Chapel Hill
040 A large and substantial farm house with offices, garden &c attached, the property of the Earl of Errol.
Hawk Law
Hawk Law
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt Cruden
Keith Forbes Chapel Hill
William Castles, Hayfarm
040 A bold and lofty headland on the Links, - between the Ward of Cruden and Whinnyfold - (Villages) - from which a magnificent view of the German Ocean, and lands surrounding can be obtained. This is another of the supposed beacon hills, altho' no traces can be seen of the Mound once supposed to have been on its summit. The Revd Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Pratt believes that there was once a Castle at or near the Base of this hill and supposes it to have been the Fortalice of Ardendraught of which all traces are now lost.

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Parish of Cruden

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