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STONE CIST FOUND HERE Stone Cist found here
Stone Cist found here
Stone Cist found here
Revd. [Reverend] John Burnett Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts] L.L.D. [Doctor of Laws] Incumbent of St. James's Episcopal Church. Cruden. 039 Dr. [Doctor] Pratt, Incumbent of St. James's Episcopal Church, Cruden, in his Buchan, note 2 page 35 Chap III [Chapter 3] thus describes the "articles found here, - "In 1817 a neck-chain and battle-axe were found in a tumulus on a low-lying hillock at the base of the eastern slope of the Deer, or Deery Hill of Ardiffery. The chain is composed of jet and amber. The jet beads retain their original polish. The centre bead measures about four inches; the others from two and a half inches down to one. These beads were seperated from one another by bits of amber, encrusted with a brownish coat, but otherwise unchanged. The axe is of black flint, about seven inches long. They may be now seen in the Museum at Peterhead, collected by the late Adam Arbuthnot - Esq." "From the Statistical Account relating to the parish of Cruden" we extract the following account. "In the parish of Cruden, in a little hill, about four feet below its apex, a stone Crypt or Sarcophagus was discovered, containing a considerable portion of two human Skeletons; the one that of an adult, the other of a young person, perhaps of twelve or thirteen years of age; and also part of the skeleton of a dog; two clay urns; (a larger and a lesser one,) rudely ornamented with bars or hoops Scratched around the outside of them; Seven flint arrow points; two flint knives, (one of them considerably worn), a polished stone about four and one fourth inches in length, neatly drilled through its four Corners, and Slightly concave on the one side, and convex on the other. It is probable the polished stone had been applied to the centre of the bow, to secure a more accurate discharge of the arrow. A neck chain and battle axe were dug out of a tumulus near to the place in the parish of Cruden, where
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