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STONE CIST FOUND HERE Stone Cist found here
Stone Cist found here
Stone Cist found here
Revd. [Reverend] John Burnett Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts] L.L.D. [Doctor of Laws] Incumbent of St. James's Episcopal Church. Cruden. 039 [Continued from page 164]

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"it is supposed Malcolm II and Canute fought a severe battle, and where many tumuli were formerly to be seen. The neck chain is formed of jet and amber. The jet beads retain their original polish. The lower bead measures about four inches, the others from two and a half inches to one inch. These beads were seperated from one another by little formless masses of amber, covered with a brown crust; but otherwise the amber was unchanged, unless that it may have been more brittle. The battle axe is formed of black flint. It is about seven inches long, and is less heavy than those generally found; most of which are formed of granulated stones and are larger and weightier than the one above alluded to. The necklace had no doubt adorned the person of Some Scandinavian Chief", "Page 355"
James Davidson. Tenant
Mr. Anderson Greenbrae
James Wilken Standing Stones
039 A small farm house with offices garden &c attached, the property of James Gammell Esq. of Ardiffery
GREENBRAE Greenbrae Mr. Anderson Tenant
James Wilken Standing Stones
James Davidson Mungo
039 A substantial farm house with offices, garden &c attached, the property of James Gammell Esq. of Ardiffery, Cruden,

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[Note relating to 'Mungo'] - Now absorbed in another farm. [Signed] John Rae Esqre., Ellon.

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