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BUCHAN DISTRICT Buchan District Continued, "South it is about 27 miles, And from East to West
about 28. Superficial Area 450 Square miles, Population
in 1831. 43.306. Inhabited houses 8.937. It is divided
into 21 Parishes, of which 13 are in the district of Buchan
Proper, Sometimes called Deer; and 8 are in what is frequently
called the Ellon district. The principal elevation is Mormond
Hill, Altitude 810 feet. The prevailing rock is granite.
Peterhead and Fraserburgh are the principal towns within
the District. Buchan once formed a County of itself, and
an Earldom which was vested in the Chief of the Cummins.
until their forfeiture in 1309."
Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland.

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Received at Exn [Examination] office Southampton
20 October 1870 and put into the N. [Name] sheets
for Crimond Parish- A. W. Lachlan

Bruce H. Melville
Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
Oct 15th 1870

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