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District of Buchan Buchan
Mr. James Norrie. Cairnhill Cummineston.
Mr. James Gall. Aberdour
Pratts' "Buchan."
Revr. [Reverend] H Mitchell. Manse Cummineston
A large district forming the north-eastern division of Aberdeenshire; a Small portion consisting of the parish of Gamrie, is situated in Banffshire. It is bounded on the N [North] and E. [East] by the Sea. On the South by the River Ythan flowing through the Parishes of Auchterless, Fyvie, Methlick and Ellon, And on the West by the River Doveron [Deveron], from confluence of the Herne Burn in Auchterless parish. It comprises the parishes of, Pitsligo, Fraserburgh, Gamrie (Banffshire), Aberdour, Tyrie, Rathen, Lonmay, Crimond, King Edward, New Deer, Strichen, Old Deer, Longside, St. Fergus, Peterhead, Turriff, Monquhitter, Auchterless (part of), Fyvie, Methlick (part of), Tarves, Ellon (part of), Cruden, Logie Buchan, and Slains.
"In feudal times, what is now termed a district was commensurate with a Thanedom. Buchan was that portion of the Country over which the jurisdiction of the Thane of Buchan extended. Originally it reached from the Don to the Deveron. Subsequently the district of Formartine was taken out of this immense thanedom, and ever since, the Ythan has formed its southern limit"
Pratts' "Buchan".
"Buchan, a district of Aberdeenshire, extending along the Coast, from the Ythan nearly to the Deveron, a distance of above 40 Miles. In length from North to

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