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Allt Connie
Allt Connie
Legends of the Braes of Mar
Mr. John Grant
Mr. John Morgan
097 ; 105 The largest tributary of the Ey Burn, the meaning of this name is unknown, but its spelling is evidently Anglicised.
Coire Bhourneasg
Coire Bhourneasg
Mr. John Grant
Mr. John Morgan
Mr. John McDougall
105 A hollow at the head of Allt Conie. What the name means is unknown but if English letters are used in spelling it, it would stand thus "Vowrnesk."
Càrn Bhac
Càrn Bhac
Mr. John Grant
Mr. John Morgan
Mr. John McDougall
105 A considerable hill, in English this would be "Cairn of the Bend" Name spelt in accordance with Perthshire Work.

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Crathie & Braemar Aberdeenshire

Cairn na Baice
would be Cairn of the bend GM

no Dictionary would warrant this form

It is maintained you are wrong in the cases where you
suggested to this Divn. [Division] or wrote yourself such names
as Càrn Bhaic. Loch Bhaic - as cairn & Loch of the Bend. Can you quote any Authority for the mode you sugggested i.e.
Càrn Bhaic - being Cairn of the Bend?

"Càrn Bhac" is not correctly spelled if intended to mean Cairn of the bend

I remarked this name, and the meaning "Cairn of the Bend" was disputed
Here as well as in "Iutharn" [see p. 48] the truth of my Remarks are Confirmed.
I think not GM

Mr. Carpenter
You were already informed that the meaning of this name was doubtful
it would be wrong if written as you suggested supposing the signification
to be Cairn of the bend - see correspondence

Why not spell this correctly as you have
done nearly all similar words in similar
grammatical position throughout this

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