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seen. It was the seat of the Durwards, - a family once of great -------- Civilly [in] Coull
influence in this district. It is a common saying still, that the ------------- Ecclesiastically Leochel Cushnie
church bell of Coull rings of its own accord when a Durward dies.
In the population, by census 1841, is 744. Of this number,
284 reside upon the lands of Corse, and, Quoad Sacra, are -------------- if this is the case the lands of
attached to the parish of Leochel. The population of Coull --------------- Corse must be shown to belong
Quoad Sacra is therefore 460 --------------------------------------------------- to the parish of Coull, for they
The Church is a plain building erected in 1792, has no gallery but ------ pay the Teinds to Coull. quite cor [correct] JS
is sufficiently commodious. The church bell is of considerable
size, and well toned. It was cast in Holland in 1644 and pre-
sented to the church by Mr. Ross of Mill of Coull. [appears]

Names of Objects from Old Stat. [Statistical] Account
Bogmore A large bog or marsh to the west of the Manse [appears]
Tamnavrie A hill on which is a Druidical Temple [appears]
Castle of Coull About ¼ of mile south of the Manse [appears]
Extracts from Fullarton's Gazetteer
A considerable bog, which, lies to the West of the Manse, is, in ---------- drained away but still called Bog More
rainy seasons, converted into a lake. Several old Scottish Silver
coins have been dug up amongst the ruins of the castle of Coull, an
ancient edifice of vast dimensions.
Copied by Patrick Lynch
C. A. [Civilian Assistant]

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