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[Page] 55 Parish of Coull Examiners Remarks

Extracts from New Stat [Statistical] Account, page 957

The parish of Coull is bounded on the south by the parish
of Aboyne; on the west, by Coldstone; on the north, by Tarland
and Cushnie;and on the east, by Leochel and Lumphanan.
A mountain range, where summits are named Hill of Gellan, [appears as Craig Dhu]
Mortlich, Leadhlich, and the Hill of Corse, forms, in a [all shewn]
great measure, a natural boundary between Coull and the
parishes of Aboyne and Lumphanan.
The oak appears to have once flourished here, a specimen of enormous
size having been recently dug up on the farm of Wester Coull, and [appears]
two large beams of oak, rudely joined together by blocks of wood,
were lately found in a piece of mossy ground near the Manse.
The landowners are, the Earl of Aberdeen, Sir John Forbes, Bart. [Baronet]
and the Marquis of Huntly. Mr Farquharson of Finzean also [in Birse Ph [Parish]]
possesses some land in the parish, and pays Stipend, but has no
Antiquities. One of those circles of stones standing upright,
so common in Britain, and called Druidical circles, may be [shown]
seen on a small hill called Tom-na-hivrigh (In the Account of
Tarland called Tomnaverie) or the Hill of Worship, or Justice. [Tomnaverie correct]
About the centre of the lands of Corse, and on the farm of Newton [Shewn see 71/7 Newton
of Corse, there existed, at a very remote period, a chapel, called
Turry Chapel (in the description of Leochel Cushnie called Torry [Shewn see 71/7 Torry Chapel]
Chapel.) The traces of it are still visible as the proprietor has [relates to Kirk [ not John]
enclosed and planted the spot. [There is no trace now]
The Castle or Fortalice of Corse was erected in 1581 by William [Shown see 71/71]
Forbes, father of Bishop Patrick Forbes of Corse. The walls of the
castle still remain but in a ruinous condition. Upon a rocky
eminence in the vicinity of the church may still be seen the remains
or rubbish of the Castle of Coull. It appears to have been a fortification [shewn]
of considerable extent and great strength, of square form, with large
hexagonal towers at its angles. The fosse may still be distinctly

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