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GADY BURN Gaudy Burn
Gaudy Burn
Gaudy Burn
Gady Water
Gadie or Gady
Gaudy River
Mr Brown, Farmer, Hillside.
Mr Gordon, Farmer, Gordonstown.
Mr Cook, Smallburn.
New Stat Act [Statistical Account] Pages 635.-92-3-728.847.1019.1020.
Old Ballad - (Ibid P. [Page] 1020.
Johnstons Co [County] Map.
Donean Tourist.
043 A stream rising in the western extremity of the Parish and flowing for about a mile in a north easterly direction forms the western boundary of this parish, and afterwards running due east through the centre of the Parish falls into the Urie. It is from this stream that the popular ballad "Gaudy rins" takes its name.
Mr Brown, Hillside.
Mr Gordon, Gordonstown.
Mr Cook, Smallburn.
043 A croft with outhouses and garden attached situated on the mar's Road, property of Sir H.P. Gordon, Bart. [Baronet], Knockespock.

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[notes under "Gady Burn"]
"Gad, Gade - A rod" - written also "Gaud".
"Gaudeis, Gawdes. - A jewel."
"Gaudy. - Tricky mischievous." (Jamieson)
"Gaudy - A feast." (Clarks
"Gad - Straggling." (Clarks)
For further information &c. see name Sheets of the parishes Auchindoir and Sealie.

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