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Supposed ALTAR STONE [Persylieu] Supposed Altar Stone
Supposed Altar Stone
Supposed Altar Stone
Mr Booth
Mr MacPherson
Revd [Reverend] J Minto Schoolmaster
043 This is a very large flat stone built into the wall on the south side of the Site of Stone Circle, it measures 12 feet long by 4 feet broad, and is 4 feet thick. it has evidently been much broader, as the marks of drill holes Can be seen where it had been Cut. It is supposed to have been the Altar of the Stone Circle close by, but when it was removed to its present position cannot be ascertained. Mr Booth who is the oldest inhabitant of the Parish interested in such things does not remember seeing it in any other position.

"There appears, from a thousand remains, both in South, and North Britain to have been two kinds of Druid Altars, the first such consists of flat stones, which are either recumbent, or upright."
"The altar stones are connected with Druid Circles, and have sometimes artificial cavities in them."-
"There are flat altar stones, at many other Druid Circles in North Britain, such as, at Coupar Grange, in Perthshire, Kiltearn, in Ross-shire and other places."-
"Many of the Druid Circles, in England, and Wales, have similar altar stones, and upright stones with cavities in them."-
(Chalmers' Caledonia Vol. [Volume] 1. P. [Page] 73-4.)

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