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Revd [Reverend] J Walker Minister
Revd [Reverend] J Minto Schoolmaster
Sir H P Gordon Bart [Baronet]
043 A picturesque little town & Village Situated near the Centre of the Parish, it Contains the Church, School, Manse, Schoolmasters house, a Corn Mill and several small cottages chiefly occupied by laboring people. It is a Burgh of Barony and was, as the Charter shews, created and granted by King James IVth 16th June 1501 in the 14th year of his reign, and "published with weeklie mercats and yeirlie fairs and other privilidges to our lovitt James Gordon of Knockaspoke" by James VI of Scotland and I of England 17th Decr [December] 1613 in the 47th year of his reign over Scotland and 11th of his reign over England. Until recently there was a weekly market held and a yearly fair called St Molloch's Fair. Below the manse there are several ruins which a few years ago were the dwellings & shops of a number of hand loom weavers. When viewed from a distance in any direction round about the Kirktown is entirely hidden by the foliage of a number of large forest trees of the growth of 100 or 130 years, the Gaudie Burn flows through the Village, the Kirktown is the property of Sir Henry Percy Gordon Baronet of Knockespock.

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