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frequented for some time by the neighboring invalids with apparent benefit; but its celebrity seems now on
the wane. The ancient history of the Parish is involved in much obscurity; like that of many others.
"The multitude of tumuli; however, Scattered in all directions on the Mountain Sides, would indicate that
it was the Scene, in former days, of battle and of blood. One immense Cairn exists in the Woods of Finzean,
though now much beneath its original size; and on the adjacent hill are to be seen a great number of smaller
Cairns or tumuli; while a little farther eastward a long granite Stone, such as was used in ancient times
to mark the grave of some eminent person, was dug up a good many Years ago, and now stands on the top of
the hill of Corsedarder. These appearances taken in Connection would lead us to the belief of some serious
battle having taken place, and that a Chief had been Killed on the spot alluded to. But whether
that Chief was, as has been said, an ancient King or prince of Scotland, named Dardanus, cannot
now be ascertained. It is far from unlikely that many of the tumuli every where visible, Mark
the resting place of individuals Slain in some highland foray for Cattle into the lowlands; for which
the upper districts were at one time so famous. On such occasions, the hills and mountains of this Parish
lying as they do betwixt the North and the South Country, must often have been the Scene where the
fugitives and the pursuers, encountered each other, and disputed the prize; and these tumuli would
indicate that the encounters did not always pass over without blood. This idea derives some
probability of truth, from the circumstance, that there is a mountain pass leading through this Parish
across the Grampians, to the South Country, Known to this day as the Cattrin road; or perhaps, 'raid'; [Continued p. 3]

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