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raid:- a clear proof that this district was at one time well Known to, and frequented by, the 'Cattrin; in their
incursions from the higher & more northern districts to and from the South.
There are no antiquities in the Parish of much Celebrity. In the district called the Forest, Stands part of an
old Castellated ruin, on which, however, no date can be seen. It appears to have been built at a
period when there were no Settled inhabitants in that glen. Tradition says it was erected by
Bishop Gordon of Aberdeen, for a hunting seat. Another and more imperfect ruin Stands near
Easter Clune, beside which had also existed formerly an Episcopal place of Worship, and a
Small burying ground. No tradition connected with this ruin exists in the neighborhood.
"A few Years ago, four Silver Coins were dug out of a grave in the Church-yard. They are much worn, but
had originally been nearly the size of modern half-Crowns. They bear the inscription of Robertus Scotorum
Rex, on one side and on the other, Villa Edinburgh,' Villa Perth; The Chief buildings in the Parish
are the Mansion houses of Finzean and Ballogie. The former is an old house, built in the form
of three sides of a square; the latter is, to a great extent, a Modern building.
The Church was erected in 1779. and is a plain substantial building, Capable of Containing
between 500 And 600 persons. The last addition was made in 1834, rendering it a large and
Commodious house." There is a small Roman Catholic place of worship, dedicated to St.
Michael. The number of schools in the Parish is four, viz. one parochial school, Supported
by the Heritors of the Parish, one supported by the Society for Propagating Christian Knowledge, in
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