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BLOCK HOUSE (In Ruins) Block House (In Ruins)
Block House (In Ruins)
Block House (In Ruins)
Mr. Alexander Gould Pilot Master
Mr. William Smith Pilot
Mr. John Davidson Pilot
075 A fort seems to have been constructed here in 1497. but having become ruinous or proving insufficient, the erection of another was commenced in 1532. but not Completed till ten years thereafter. It was of a circular shape, with embrasures for artillery, and a Small tower in the centre. vaulted and flatted above, In the beginning of the last century it was enlarged and partly rebuilt, being furnished with ten 12 pounders, It was dismantled shortly after the building of the New Pier, and the guns were transferred to a battery raised on a slight eminence in the vicinity, so as to command the mouth of the river and the adjacent coast. It is now in a very delapidated Condition, but the walls are partly standing.
Near this part of the harbor is situated the ancient blockhouse, now dismantled of its artillery, and converted to a storehouse of one of the Greenland companies, and the battery which was built some years ago, for a protection to the harbor from the enemy during war. This fort was afterwards dismantled of its guns, in consequence of an order from government and is now allowed to fall to decay. Vide Kennedy's Annals
NEW QUAY [Aberdeen] New Quay
New Quay
New Quay
Mr. Alexander Gould
Mr. William Smith
Mr. John Davidson
075 The name is applied to that portion which lies between Pocra Quay and the beginning of the North Pier or Abercrombie Jetty,

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