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NORTH CAPSTAN [The Inches] North Capstern
North Capstern
North Capstern
North Capstern
Gibb's Map of Aberdeen. 1862
Admiralty Chart by Lieut. [Lieutenant] Slater R.N. [Royal Navy] 1833
Plan of Harbour by J. Abernethy C.E. [Civil Engineer] 1842
Mr. A. Reid, Shore Dues Department
075 A stone erection, upon which is a Capstan, at the Southern extremity of the Inches, and near the efflux of the river Dee. It was erected about the Year 1810, between which and Point Law Capstern, it was intended to divert the stream, that it might pass, in a direct Course, into the sea, without interruption to the shipping.
Point Law
Mr. A. Reid
Mr. William Campbell
075 An island in the river Dee opposite to the village of Torry.

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