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KING'S COLLEGE King's College
King's College
King's College
Kennedy's Annals of Aberdeen 1818
Professor Ferguson
Professor Giddes
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King's College in the South west corner of the court there is a lofty square tower, strengthened by buttresses, and covered with a flat roof, having on the top a parapet, over which springs from each of its corners a slip of stone work, highly ornamented. These slips meet at the top, and form four open arches, in imitation of an imperial crown. On the top of this structure is a stone lantern, Surmoun [Surmounted] by another imperial crown of stone work, with a globe and cross. The whole of this work has been neatly and handsomely finished. In the Year 1633, the superstructure of this tower was demolished by a violent tempest, but it was soon afterwards rebuilt, nearly according to its ancient form. It contained, in former times, thirteen melodious bells, which had been furnished at the expense of Bishop Elphinston, but these being found superfluous, the greatest part of them were sold, many years ago, by the members of the college, for augmenting their public funds. There were also ancient Two round towers to this edifice, but one only of these now remains. The room approp [appropriated] to the library, which is formed of the west end of the chapel, was, many years ago, elegantly fitted up for the purp [purpose] In the west end is a lofty Gothic window, and galleries, to which there is an ascent by a neat double stair, oc [occupy] both sides of the Room, as well as the east end. There is also a reading room etc adjoining, The books [are] numerous, and many of them valuable. The are disposed in excellent order, in shelves, both above and below [the] galleries, and are under the charge of a librarian. There are also several ancient M.S.S. [manuscripts] elegantly done on Vellum. Among other curiosities, there an ancient coat of Mail and a warror's shirt of woven wire. By the statute of Queen Anne, for the encouragement of learning, one copy of every book entered at Stati [Stationers'] hall must be sent to this library, as well as to other universities. By these means,and by certain fun [funds] belonging to it which are applied to the purchase of book, Considerable additions are made to the collection every year. The ancient Seal of the University is a Can, with three lillies springing out of it a book, with a hand, and three salmon. It bears this motto "Sigillum Universitates Beatae Abe [Aberdoniensis] The present superior officers of the University are His Grace The Duke of Gordon, Chancellor The Right Honble [Honourable] The Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Rector.

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