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ST MARY'S CHAPEL St Mary's Chapel
St Mary's Chapel
St Mary's Chapel
Annals of Aberdeen (Kennedy's)
Mr A Scatterty (Verger)
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McCulloch (E. [East] Church)
075 "The chancel which is eighteen feet by twelve, was in the east end of the quire, and under it was a neat chapel, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, but, in modern times, converted to secular purposes. In this Chapel a chantry was founded, in the year 1520 for celebrating yearly, at the altar, a mass of requiem for the souls of David Menzies, of Gilbert Menzies, and of Marjory
Chalmers, his spouse, and of their parents and relations, for which the former had presented to the curate and chaplains of the church, in the same year, a donation of £20 in money to
enable them to rebuild and repair their houses in the town" --(Kennedy's Annals P. 43)
St Mary's is a Crypt chapel situated under the East end of the East Church, it is in a very good state of preservation and a neat Gothic building. The reading desk and seats are all of black polished oak, and the pillars and walls appear to be in the same style as found at the Reformation. The Chapel is fitted up as a place of worship, but is seldom used for any thing, except vestre meetings. -----

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