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CHURCH (St. Machar's Cathedral) Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Revd. Dr.[Reverend Doctor] Smith Incumbent
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Jamieson
Mr. Stable Merchant
Keith & Gibb's Map of Aberdeen
Courage's Brief Survey
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and display beautiful foliage in high relief. In the south aisle of the transept which is termed Bishop Dunbar's Aisle, there is an ornamental arch, part of his tomb in which his effigy in Marble lay in a recumbent posture, but at the reformation it was broken and the tomb defaced his body lies in the Vault below. In the North Aisle of the transept which is termed St John's Aisle are the remains of Bishop Lychtoun's tomb, altho it also suffered at the reformation, there is still to be seen an effigy of the Bishop "in Pontificalibus" at full length. There were several other Bishops interred within those two aisles but they have only common gravestones. After the Revolution, and the abolition of episcopacy in Scotland the Principal and Proffessors of King's College exercised their right of presenting Ministers to this Church. about a Century and a half ago it became a Collegiate Charge. Since that time two Clergymen who draw their Stipend from the tythes of the Parish, have officiated as Ministers. The patronage of the Church being, in Modern times, of little importance to the College, was sold to the Earl of Fife who presents both Ministers. The Church is surrounded by a burial ground very much crowded with graves, the main entrance to it is from the south west corner the gate being betwixt two very neat lodges.

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Note: Continued from Description of St Machar's Cathedral

Note below description: "Besides the old Church which was used here by the two first Bishops, of of which we can give no account, there have been three Cathedrals here successively, all built by different Bishops, and dedicated to the Memory of Saint Macar. Collections of the Shires of Aberdeen and Banff P.148 (Macfarlanes)"

Note in Names Column at foot of page: "The Parish of Old Machar was originally a deanery called the Deanery of St Machar. Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Page 1074."

Note in Spellings Column: "The City of New Aberdeen, the Capital of a large shire, to which it gives its name, is situated at the mouth of the River Dee. Old Aberdeen where is the Bishop's See stands a little to the North where now the Cathedral stands called the Kirk of Kirktoun, dedicated to St. Machar - Keith's Scottish Bishops. P. 102."

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