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Site of CHOIR [St Machar's Cathedral] Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Old Machar Church
Revd. Dr.[Reverend Doctor] Smith Incumbent
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Jamieson
Mr. Stable Merchant
Keith & Gibb's Map of Aberdeen
Courage's Brief Survey
075 [St. Machar's Cathedral Continued]
being disappointed of the spoil of the jewels and sacred ornaments of the Cathredal they stripped the lead off the roof and took away the bells, they also demolished the Choir and Chancel at the east end. The further progress of the work of destruction was fortunately prevented by the Marquis of Huntly who by
his exertions saved the building from being completely destroyed. In the Year 1688 a serious disaster happened to the edifice, the lofty steeple on the east end, fell and crushed all the eastern part of the fabric, destroyed Many of the sepulchral Monuments and materially injured part of the Nave, the
height of this steeple was 150 feet and in three days it was used as a sea-mark, its fall,
according to tradition, was occasioned by part of the stones of the buttresses having been removed by the English army stationed in Aberdeen during the Protectorate for the purpose of erecting some fortifications on the Castle Hill, being thus considerably weakened, it at length Yielded to the pressure of the Superstructure. The two towers on the west end are 112 feet high, and in the southmost one there is an excellent public clock and bell to which there is access by a stair. The body of the Church remained in a neglected state for many Years.
In 1607 it was repaired at the expense of the parishioners of Old Machar. During episcopacy in Scotland it served as a Cathedral, but it is now used as a Parish Church and has been fitted up to serve as such having accommodation for 1600 hearers. In the east end of the Church there still remains one of the Gothic Arches which supported the great Steeple but it is now build up for enclosing the Church, the Columns of this arch are entire, and resemble trunks of trees bound together, their Capitals have been ornamented, and disp [display]

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