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Logie, in a population of 852.8, had 80 deaths, out of
which there were 4 from cancer, 2 from pneumonia, 2 from
rheumatic fever, 1 from scarlatina, 2 from typhoid, and 4 from
consumption, &c., out of 80 altogether.

Lochbroom (population, 2911.2) shows a total of 236
deaths, 1 being ascribed to blood poisoning, 7 to cancer, 5 to
pneumonia, 2 to diphtheria, 2 to croup, 2 to diarrhoea, 2 to
erysipelas, 1 to measles, 1 to tetanus, and 27 to consumption,
&c., out of a grand total of 236 (113 being uncertified).

Lochs (population, 7612.4) shows deaths as follows - 1
from blood poisoning, 4 from cancer, 9 from pneumonia, 3
from diarrhoea, 2 from diphtheria. 13 from croup, 20 from
influenza, 21 from measles, 3 from rheumatic fever, 1 from
typhoid, 1 from typhus, 56 from consumption, &c., and 6 from
whooping-cough, out of a total of 347 (154 of which are un-

Lochcarron (population, 1416.4) has a death aggregate
of 120, of which 3 are put down to cancer, 3 to pneumonia,
2 to rheumatic fever, 2 to typhoid, 1 to typhus, 3 to whoop-
ing-cough, and 7 to consumption, &c. More than half are un-

Lochalsh (population, 1940.8) shows the large return
of 13 deaths from cancer, 2 from pneumonia, 4 from
diarrhoea, 1 erysipelas, 1 from typhoid, while there are 15
from consumption, &c., out of a total of 134 (54 being un-

Nigg, with a population of 956, has 1 death from cancer,
4 from pneumonia, 2 from erysipelas, 2 from whooping-
cough, 1 each from typhoid and croup, out of a total of 79
(29 being uncertified).

Rosskeen has a population of 3597.4, and there were
in all 280 deaths. Of these 1 was ascribed to blood poison-
ing, and 1 only to cancer. From pneumonia there were 10,
from diarrhoea 3, from diptheria 2, from croup 1, measles 4,
rheumatic fever 1, and scarlatina 2, while, strange to say,
there is not one put down to typhoid. 6 died from

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whooping-cough, and the deaths from consumption, &c., were
33. Only about one-seventh were uncertified.

In Resolis (population, 1373) there died in the quin
quennium altogether 116. 2 were put down to cancer, 6 to
pneumonia, not one to typhod, [typhoid] 1 to croup, 19 to consumption,
&c. The proportion uncertified was about one-third.

The population of Rosemarkie is 1348.9, and the deaths
in 5 years 134, which gives an annual death-rate of [blank] per
1000. Of these there died 1 from blood poisoning, 10 from
pneumonia (of which 7 died in 1888), 1 each from diptheria
and erysipelas, 4 from whooping-cough, and 13 from con-
sumption, &c. One-sixth uncertified.

In Applecross (Shieldaig) the population is 1300.6,
and the total deaths in 5 years 109, of which 87 are uncerti-
fied. The returns show 1 death from each of the following
diseases in our list: - Cancer, erysipelas, influenza, rheumatic
fever, typhus, whooping-cough and croup, while 2 are ascribed
to consumption, &c. This is, on the whole, the most barren
return we have yet come across, and is really of little use in
any inquiries as to the statistics of disease.

Strathoykel (with a limited population of 330) shows
1 death from pneumonia, 1 from whooping-cough, and 1 from
consumption and allied diseases. The totals are 17, of which
11 are uncertified.

Stornoway (population, 11,235) parish and burgh is the
largest of all the registration districts, and, consequently, the
number of deaths is greatest, viz., 885. The chief diseases
in our list are, as we would expect, consumption, &c., showing
an aggregate of 98, next comes diphtheria with 2 and croup
with 54, together 56, then pneumonia with 41, measles with
40, whooping-cough 33, diarrhoea 18, puerperal fever 13 (an
alarming number), cancer 11, erysipelas 6, blood poisoning 4,
typhoid fever 4, scarlatina 3 (very small), and tetanus 1.
There were 250 uncertified, or in the proportion of rather
over one-fourth of the whole number.

Tain, landward and burgh, has a population of 2894.4,
and the total deaths amounted in 5 years to 266. Of these 9

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