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No. 33. Uphall Works. - Surface drainage and bing
soakage escape into Beuch Burn.

No. 34. Pumpherston North 'Rows' sewage. -
This, by mistake, has been laid down in
the Plan. Irrigation of this sewage is
satisfactorily effected.

No. 35. Pumpherston South 'Rows' sewage. - This
goes directly to the Almond.

No. 36. The Holmes Oil Works. - Tarry matters
and soakage from bings flow into Beuch

No. 37. Bonemill Drainage.

No. 38. Pumpherston Oil Works and Bings. -
Pollutions flow in two directions: (a)
directly to the Almond; (b) into Caw
Burn. The latter burn, some distance
from the works, to all appearance is pure,
but on analysis it yields about 450 grains
of solids per galllon. Before receiving
pollution, the amount of solids is under
30 grains. There is here, as in the other
works, bing soakage.

No. 39. Midcalder sewage. - Amount considerable.

No. 40. Oakbank Oil Works and Bings. - Over
200,000 gallons of water (figures sup-
plied me by the Company), strongly
tainted with all the usual pollutions of
such works, are filtered through an old
bing, and pass into the Linnhouse Burn

No. 41. Oakbank 'Rows' sewage.

No. 42. Broxburn Town Sewage. - This is an
important pollution.

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