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No. 5. Benhar "Rows" sewage.

No. 6. Eastfield 'blaes' soakage. - This goes to the
How Burn.

No. 7. Harthill No. 1 Pit - 'Blaes' soakage.
No. 8. Harthill sewage, flowing to How Burn.
No. 9. Westrig Colliery - Dross washing. - Here, as
at Wester Hassockrig, tanks prove quite
inadequate, and the wash passes into the
How Burn.

No. 10. Dixon's No. 13 Ironstone Pit. - No water
is at present being pumped to the surface.
There is a small soakage from bings.

No. 11. Dixon's 'blaes' heaps. - These contribute
irony water flowing into Fauldhouse Burn.

No. 12. Southrig Colliery - Dross washing. - Here
the wash is allowed to flow out over a
small bit of moor before discharging into
How Burn. This has practically no effect
in reducing the pollution.

No. 13. West Lothian Oil Company's Works. -
The arrangements here for purifying the
effluent are of the most primitive kind,
and quite inadequate. Water from the
separators flows into Fauldhouse Burn.

No. 14. Muldron Iron Mines (disused). - Irony
water is discharged in considerable amount
from the old workings.

No. 15. Crofthead Ironstone Pits, Nos. 1 and 5. -
These throw out 360,000 gallons of irony
water in twenty-four hours. (The figures
are furnished me by Mr. Thornton, the
owner.) The water, when pumped, has a

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muddy, yellow look, and unlike that from
Addie's No. 3 Pit, which comes from the
mine perfectly clear in colour. It flows
into Crofthead Burn. There is also here
some bing soakage.

No. 16. Fauldhouse sewage.

No. 17. Crofthead sewage.

No. 18. Whitburn sewage.

No. 19. Blackburn sewage.

No. 20. Addiewell 'Rows' sewage.

No. 21. Addiewell Works, and some outside surface
drainage and bing soakage. - Effluent from
separators is restricted as to degree of

No. 22. Breich Oil Works. - Tarry matters and bing
soakage find their way to the river.

No. 23. The Deans Oil Works (Crude). - Tarry
matters, etc., are conveyed to the river
by the Loch Shotts Burn.

No. 24. West Calder sewage.

No. 25. Gavieside sewage.

No. 26. Hermand Oil Works. - Surplus effluent not
used in cooling shale escapes to Harwood
Burn. There is likewise bing soakage.

No. 27. Hermand 'Rows' sewage.

No. 28. Livingstone Village sewage.

No. 29. Bell's Quarry sewage.

No. 30. Inveralmond Cottages sewage. - Very small.

No. 31. Uphall Village sewage.

No. 32. Uphall Works 'Rows' sewage - falling into
Beuch Burn.

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