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The Churchyards in the Parishes are in a good
Sanitary condition, except Innerwick, which requires to
be levelled.
The Sanitary state of Parishes has been good.
No Common Lodging-houses are in the Parishes.
The Dairies are in a good condition.
The Household Refuse is taken away in carts or
used in the gardens for manure.
There is no means for isolation of persons affected
with Infectious Disease in working-men's houses,
except in such as have spare rooms.
No cases of Infectious Disease have occurred during
the year in any of the Parishes named, except one mild
case of Scarlet Fever at Whittinghame.
The Infectious Diseases Notification Act, 1889, has
not been adopted in any of the Parishes.
JOHN AMOS, Sanitary Inspector.
DUNBAR, 5th February 1892.

The Parish consists mainly of Farms with the neces-
sary buildings and Cottar Houses, and one Village
Community, viz., Westbarns. The Farms are wide
and scattered, and are generally drained to Cesspools,
&c. Westbarns is partly drained into the Biel Burn.
A Drainage System for Westbarns might be beneficial,
but that would imply a Water System, and on a
limited rental the Taxation necessary for such purposes
would be out of all proportion to the benefits to be
gained. Moreover, I am not aware of a single instance
of Infectious Disease having been caused by the absence
of these systems. There is an ample supply of Water
generally at the Farms, and the Thristly Spring consti-
tutes the Main Supply of Westbarns.
The usual Quarterly Inspections of the Parish
generally have been made, and also two Special
Inspections in reference to Nuisances in connection
with which complaints had been made. Generally, the
whole Parish has been found in a fairly satisfactory
condition. Proprietors and Tenants alike are ever

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ready to attend to any defects to which their attention
may be drawn.
The House accommodation of the Labouring Class
is of a modern character, with hardly an exception;
indeed, superior to what is found under similar circum-
stances in most parts of Scotland.
There are no Common Lodging-houses within the
The Dairies, Cowsheds, and Milkshops within the
Parish have, during the year, been kept by their Owners
in a clean and tidy condition, and no case of Disease
has been traced to them.
The only Burial-grounds within the Parish - viz.,
Dunbar Churchyard and New Cemetery - have been
kept in an orderly and satisfactory manner, free from
any offence under the Public Health Acts.
At the Cottar Houses connected with the Farms, the
Household Refuse, &c., is collected in Ashpits, and
removed by the Farmers from time to time for Agricul-
tural purposes, and in Westbarns and the Parish
generally the same system holds good.
The District Committee hold, for the use of this
Parish, one-fourth share of a small Hospital situated
within Dunbar Burgh.
ROBT. MASTERTON, Sanitary Inspector.
30th January 1892.

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