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There are no Common Lodging-Houses in the
Saving the prevailing epidemic of Influenza and
other bronchial complaints, there are at present no
serious and certainly no Infectious Disease in the
Burial-ground quite satisfactory.
Twenty-three people keep 54 Cows in the Parish.
These are in good health. The Milkhouses and Byres
clean, and all well cared for.
The two Bakehouses in the Parish are kept scrupul-
ously clean, and nothing has been known or heard here
of unwholesome food.
Drainage generally satisfactory.
No legal proceedings have been at all necessary.
P. COSSAR, Sanitary Inspector.
PENCAITLAND, 13th January 1892.

In submitting my Annual Report of the Sanitary
condition of this Parish, I have nothing of very special
importance to bring before you for consideration. In
my frequent casual visits to the several parts of the
Parish, I have found everything in a fairly satisfactory
Sanitary condition. The Ashpits, without exception,
were in good condition; and Privies, as a rule, were
clean and well kept, as also back and front premises.
It is satisfactory to note that the order and cleanliness
are largely due to the readiness with which Farmers
will assist to remove accumulations of Refuse, Ashes,
At Little Plimore, in front of the house occupied by
James Blair, is a Ditch on the roadside, which is sup-
posed to empty itself, by crossing under the road, into
the Blance Burn. The slope, however, is not sufficient,
and the consequence is that the Ditch is very often full
of stagnant liquid, from which at times proceed
deleterious effluvia. I have not yet been able to
ascertain whether or not this is a matter which the
Road Trustees ought to remedy.

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My general inspections of the Parish were made
on March 21st and September 16th; while various
casual visits to every part of the Parish have been made
at irregular intervals throughout the year.
The house accommodation of the Parish remains as
in last Report. There is no such thing as over-
crowding - in fact the population might be, with
beneficial effect, considerably augmented. By last
Census Returns, the population has decreased from 337
in 1881 to 271 in 1891, a total of 66; while by the last
Census there were 62 inhabited and 15 uninhabited
There are no Common Lodging-houses.
There are no Registered Dairies, Cowsheds, or
Milkshops, although at least three Farmers ought to be
registered inder Sec. 34 of the Contagious Diseases
(Animals) Act, 1878.
The Burial-ground in connection with the Parish
Church remains as in Report of last year.
The disposal of Household Refuse, contents of Ash-
pits, Privies, Cesspools, &c., is undertaken by the
various Landlords or their Tenants.
No means exist in the Parish for the isolation of
persons suffering from Infectious Diseases.
EDWARD J. WILSON, Sanitary Inspector.
18th January 1892.


I have to report that during the year 1891 the
inspections made in the eight Parishes mentioned in
this Report was 40, and 114 Nuisances dealt with, all of
which were abated.
The Water Supply has been carefully examined at
the Villages of Oldhamstocks, Innerwick, Spott,
Stenton, Whittinghame, Whitekirk, and Tynning-
hame, and at each Village the Water was found to be
good, and the Supply ample for the requirements of the

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