FOR YEAR 1891.

The health of the District for the last twelve months
has been generally good.
One young woman died of Scarlet Fever in a
"Bothy" at Greendykes, in the Parish of Gladsmuir,
in the early part of the year, and a few mild cases of
Scarlet Fever occurred in the same Parish.
Two persons were attacked with Typhoid Fever at a
Farm in the Parish of Humbie in the month of January
last, and both recovered; but in the month of Decem-
ber last, the Farmer at the same place contracted the
disease, and died after about a fortnight's illness. It
was suspected that the water used for domestic purposes
was bad, and two samples were sent to Dr Aitken,
analyst, Edinburgh, for analysis, and he reported that
the samples were very good, wholesome water.
Another man died of Typhoid Fever in the Parish of
Prestonpans, but it is supposed that he contracted the
disease when visiting a relative who was affected in an
adjoining County. A few cases of Scarlet Fever
occurred in the same Parish, but all were of a mild
The Sanitary condition of the eleven Parishes
inspected by me is generally good.
JAMES McKENZIE, Sanitary Inspector.
18th January 1892.

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In submitting this, my last Report, I am pleased to
state that the health of the Parish has during the past
year been, as compared with other districts, remarkably
New Piggeries and Privies have been erected at
Morham Mains at my suggestion.
The Dairy at Morham Muir, which, during my
frequent visits, I always found scrupulously clean, has
ceased as in September last, so that there is now no
Dairy in the Parish.
DAVID LOUDEN, Late Sanitary Inspector.
MORHAM, HADDINGTON, 19th January 1892.

During the past year (1891), I have made regular
monthly visits of inspection throughout the Parish,
under the Public Health Acts.
That, regarding the Mining Village of New Winton,
I had to complain to Messrs Deans & Moore, coal-
masters, regarding the laying down of Ashes and other
Refuse on the edge of the Public Road; also of choked
Drains in the Village, and, further, of the deficiency of
the Water Supply there - all of which have since been
attended to.
The house accommodation of the labouring classes
in the Parish is fairly good. In one case, in June last,
an outbreak of Typhoid Fever occurred. This being a
second outbreak within a few months in the same house,
although with different occupants, led me to make a
more that usually close inspection of the house and its
surroundings. I at length discovered that the former
occupants had kept pigeons which had lodged in the
loft above them, and here I found a very considerable
quantity of pigeon dung, which had lain probably for
years, emitting dangerous and poisonous gases which I
at once saw was cleared out. As soon as the patients
could admit of it, the house was wholly and thoroughly
washed out and fumigated, with the best results.

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