Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Abstract Valuations of the several Parishes of the County of Wigtown before mentioned.
Glasserton Pages 1st. & 2d. £4467.18.8
Inch Pages 2d. 3d. & 4th. £5949.0.0
Kirkcolm Pages 4th. & 5th. £4085.0.0
Kirkcowan Pages 6th. & 7th. £4284.7.4
Kirkinner Pages 8th. & 9th. £3934.7.4
Kirkmaiden Page 10th. £4400.0.0
Leswalt Page 11th. £2954.6.8
Mochrum Pages 12th. & 13th. £4139.0.0
Old & New Luce Pages 14th. 15th. & 16th. £8256.16.4
Penningham Pages 17th. & 18th. £6151.0.0
Portpatrick Page 19th. £1563.6.8
Stoneykirk Pages 20th. & 21st. £4793.0.0
Sorby Page 22nd. £4204.10.0
Whithorn Pages 23rd. & 24th. £5808.10.0
Wigtown Page 25th. £1602.14.0
To which falls due to be added as stated in the old supply book 1667.
The Bishop of Galloway's valuation
The Bishop of Dumblane's valuation £48.0.0
Total valuation of Wigtownshire 67,641.17.0

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That what is written on this and the twenty five preceding
Pages contains an exact Copy of the Valuation Roll of the
County of Wigtown as made up by the Commrs. [Commissioners] of Supply
in the year 1799 is attested by me Clerk of Supply At
Wigtown the twenty second day of July Eighteen hundred
& nine years.
George McHaffie.

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