Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Whithorn Brot [Brought] forward £3987.19.1
Robert Hawthorn Stewart Esq of Physgill
For the lands of Balnal and half of Isle £104.2.0
For Drummaston & Chipperharran £100.2.8
For Prestrie £216.3.4
For Balsmith £95.0.0
Total of Physgill's lands five hundred and fifteen pounds eight shillings Scots £515.8.0
James Murray Esq of Broughton
For the lands of Broughton Mains £346.8.10
For his lands of Owtons £120.0.0
For Broughton skeog £173.4.6
Total of Broughton's lands Six hundred and thirty nine pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots £639.13.4
Hugh Stewart Esq. of Tonderghie for his Lands Tondeghie and Boyock £342.0.0
James Stewart Esq of Glasserton, for four fifth parts of the lands of Rispine £152.9.7
Sir Stair Agnew Baronet for Oldbuck £85.10.0
John Love for Lindsay's wards £35.0.0
John McGowan for Donaldson's Croft £15.0.0
Anthony McGuffog for Lady Croft £17.10.0
Charles Broadfoot for Martin's Croft £18.0.0
Total valuation of the Parish of Whithorn five thousand eight hundred and eight pounds ten shillings Scots - £5808.10.0
Wigtown Co. [Continued]
Wigtown Parish
The Earl of Galloway
The lands of High and Low Cotland - Auchland Mains - Wood of Auchland Mollenhill and Black Park. Amount Six hundred & sixty pounds - £660.0.0
The Earl of Galloway
The lands of Kirkland - Maitland & Fey and Stewart's Fey formerly the Earl of Selkirk's Amot. [Amount] Two hundred & five pounds 12/- £205.12.0
David McCulloch Esq - The lands of Torhouse. Amount Two hundred and fifty seven pounds 13/4 £257.13.4
Robert Hathorn Stewart Esq of Physgill The lands of Carsgowan, Carslae and Glenturk. Amount Two hundred and two pounds 13/4 Scots £202.13.4
David McCulloch Esq - Torhousekie and Mark £133.6.8
Captain Newal - Broomhill £9.16.0
Balmeg Ninety five pounds £95.0.0
Broadfoot's Fey £7.12.8
Mr Tweddale - Part of Kirklandhill £14.0.0
William McConnell Esq. Part of Kirklandhill £17.0.0
Total - Sixteen hundred and two pounds fourteen shillings Scots £1602.14.0
Abstract Co. [Continued]

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