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in the supply roll for his Clendry at £100 of valuation and that over Clendry and Glenterrow are valued at £95 and both of these farms are the property of the Earl of Stair and were both acquired by John Viscount of Stair in the 1699 from Linn of Larg.
To these observations Sir John states that Nether Clendry is not stated in the authenticated Supply roll at £100 and that Glenterrow is not stated there with Over Clendry which belongs to the Earl of Stair, but with Nether Clendry belonging to Sir John and therefore craves separation.
Mr. Leggat waves making any rejoinder to the above as these observations can neither be judged nor determined by this meeting reserving to the Earl of Stair everything competent when the business is regularly brought forward
Kirkcolm Parish
The Earl of Galloway
His lands and Barony of Corswall comprehending the Mains of Corswall now called Barnhills - The Lands of Knockneen - Cairnbowie and Knocktim - The Lands of North Cairn - South Cairn and North Bark - The five shilling land - The lands of Auchleach - The Lands of East Balscalloch - The Lands of North and South Losset - The Lands of Laigh and High Portencallie
The Co. [Continued]
The Lands of High Ardwell - West Kirkbride and East Kirkbride - The lands of Portmullen - The lands of Mahaar Auchtiffie and Mealing Knol and Laigh Ardwell - The lands of Balgowan and the lands of Milntown Miln and Doulach and Glengayers, as also the lands of Over and Nether Clauchans now called Fineview and High Clachans - The Croft of Dalkist - The lands of Knockoid or Knockcoat and the lands of Ervie £2659.13.4
The Earl of Stair
For the lands formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassillis now annexed quoad sacra to Leswalt £522.0.0
Sir Stair Agnew Baronet
For the following farms as they are presently named viz - Marslaugh, Kirminock, Kirronrea alias [Kirllenrae] Kirkland, Clendry High and Laigh Salchries £418.0.0
Miss Campbell
For the lands of Airries and Knockbrae £317.0.0
Robert Hannah Esquire
For the Lands of Balsarroch £101.0.0
Major John Ross
For the Lands of Cairnbrock £67.6.8
Total valuation of this Parish £4085.0.0
Kirkcowan Co. [Continued]

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