Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Glasserton brot [brought] forward £4224.14.8
Robert Stewart Esq. of Castle Stewart The Lands of Mains of Castle Stewart The Lands of Cronnan and the Lands of Dalmrae. Amount two hundred and forty three pounds four shillings Scots £243.4.0
Total Four thousand four hundred and sixty seven pounds 18/8d. [shillings pennies] Scots which agrees with the valuation book of the County 1667. £4467.18.8
Inch Parish
The Earl of Stair For the lands formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassilis, Lesnol, over Cleurie, The Earl of Cassilis's lands [-dened] with a part of Craigecaffies valuation as marked in the old valuation book. The lands purchased from Cragcaffie: The lands excambient with the sheriff, [Drumjargon] and Auchenveen, Nether Mark, Assendar Meikle Larg, Balnal, Craigcaffie, Sheuchan and Little Larg £4560.13.4
Mrs Frances Ann Wallace Agnew alia Dunlop For the Estate of Lochryan comprehending the lands of Cairn Croach, and other grounds the farms and other possessions thereon, are now named as follows viz. Meikle and Little Lights, Cairnmuir park, Blackpark, Laird's hill and sheep hill park, Pillymaddie, Back Lands, South Sands - Burnfoot, Sleeve Park, Middle Sands, Dalhoble, Firyard park and Little Glen Park Gardens and Line kiln Park, Cairnhill, [surrie] Park, and Glen Meadow Park, Croach, South and North [C]
over £4560.13.4
Inch Brot [Brought] forward £4560.13.4
North Cladyhouses, Dilhabbock, Brockloch, South half common, as also the village of Mackay and gardens thereunto belonging, together with a number of Parks and inclosures lying contiguous not particularly named or described £574.13.4
William Mcdowall Esq. of Garthland's Lands comprehending the Lands of Duchera, Meikle and Little Lochans with Miln and Moss farm, Culmick, Culmuck Croft and Culgrange, Meikle and Little Culroachs, Farrenluce, Muleleys, Dumbay, and Balminnoch now called Mount pleasant in cumulo amount ot £464.0.0
Thomas Adair Esqr Little Genoch £100.0.0
John Maitland Esq. of Freugh For the Lands of Auchmantle £100.0.0
Sir Hugh Dalrymple For High Mark £54.13.4
Sir John Dalrymple Hay For the Lands of Nether Clenrie in which Glenterrow beloning to the Earl of Stair in included £95.0.0
and, therefore, he petitions for a separation.
By the Collecting Roll at present Nether Clennie is stated at £100; though in the old authenticated Cess book it is with Glenterrow £95 which makes a difference of £5 as appears in the summing up £5949.0.0
To this observation of Sir John Dalrymple Hay William Leggat states that Sir John has been in theuse of paying parochial burdens and stands in [C]

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The Earl of Stair [notes]
E. [Earl] of Stair whiteleys £48
All now Earl of Stair. O.V.R. [Old Valued Rent] P Comp[--] Book Whits [Whitsunday] Term 1828 cr. chr. [crown charter] to E. [Earl] of Stair £464 Scots

[signed] George McHaffie

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[signed] George McHaffie

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