Proprietor and land Valuation
Anstruther Wester Parisch
The free rentt Payid to the heritors lyfrenters Proper wedsetters and wthers within the Parisxh off Anstruther wester
off money thritie tuo pund £32.0.0
off Beare fywe chalder thretein boolls £449.10
off meall and oatts Seven chalder tuelwe boolls £527.0.0
Summa is ane thousand and aught Pund ten shillings £1008.10.0
More Payid off fewe dewtie
off money seventein Pund aughtein shillings £17.18.0
More Payid in mortifeid rentt
off money ellewin punds £11.0.0
off Beare ane chalder and ten boolls £125.13.4
off Meall and oats tuo chalder four boolls £153.0.0
Summa is tuo hundereth aughtie nyne Pund thretein shillings four penneis £289.13.4
Summa off the whooll free rentt off this Parisch bisyd what is Payid in mortifeid rent is ane thousand tuentie sex Pund aught shillings £1026.8.0

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