Proprietor and land Valuation
Falkirk Valluation brought over
Kersiebanks part of Riddock £193.5.6
Gilston £50.0.0
Thomas Burn & James Johnston £112.14.2
Henry Hardy Whiteside £8.1.8
Mr James Richardsons part of Whitside £24.3.0
Milnhalls part of Bangowr £14.0.0
Mr Dalgleish of Redding £21.16.0
James Gordons part of Redding £24.3.3
Mr Hamilton Bangowr £200.8.2
Mr Bennets part of Bangowr £107.7.1
Mr Bennet for part of Whitside £48.6.1
James Beveridge for Randiford Saltcoats £58.18.9
James Beveridge for John Grintons part of Randiford Saltcoats £57.19.6
Andrew Gibs part of Randiford Saltcoats £45.1.9
David Robertsons part of Randiford Saltcoats £28.19.10
David Robertson for Grahams Saltcoats £126.5.2
David Robertson for Heuk £3.7.4
James Robertson for Oswald saltcoats £41.13.4
Arthur Reid for Randiford Saltcoats £100.0.0
Robert Johnstons part Randiford Saltcoats £156.16.8
Bailly Bowies part Randiford Saltcoats £33.6.8
Mr Baird for Monteath Saltcoats £246.11.9
John Haiys part Monteath Saltcoats £126.5.0
Midlerig £60.18.10
Thomas Wall Pansteads £56.0.0
Heuck £108.0.0
Oswald Saltcoats £156.2.4
Bearcrofts £392.0.0
Peter Symsons Oxgate £41.13.4
Bantaskine £98.16.0
William Scotts part Bantaskine £15.6.8
William Boogs part Bantaskine £10.0.0
Burn £26.0.0
Croftandy £75.0.0
John Muirhead for part of Bantaskin £10.0.0
John Muirhead for part of Swords few £8.0.0
John Muirhead for Powmiln £5.0.0
John Muirhead for part of Norman Livingstens lands £14.0.0
[Page Total] £2906.7.16
Falkirk Valluation brought over
Sir Lawrence Dundas part of Mungall £140.2.9
York buildings part of Mungall £26.11.4
John Swords part of Mungall £25.0.0
Mr Hunter of Elrig £75.0.0
Henry Cowbrougs part of Elrig £150.0.0
Sir Laurence Dundas part of Abotshaugh £314.2.0
York Buildings part of Abotshaugh £174.7.6
Houses in Falkirk part of Abotshaugh £28.0.8
Pansteads £66.13.4
Dorrotor £217.2.4
Mr Ramsays part of Dorrotor £80.0.0
Arthur Reids part of Riddock £354.6.6
James Alexander Elder £161.1.0
James Alexander Younger £257.14.0
Castlecary £429.9.10
William Scots part of Westquarter £16.0.0
John Whites part of Westquarter £60.0.0
Thomas Henderson for Westquarter £22.0.0
Thomas Henderson for part of Swords Few £8.0.0
Thomas Henderson for John [Burn] Larbert £4.0.0
James Knox Few £114.0.0
John Wise part James Knox Few £14.0.0
Dalderse £375.16.0
Dalderse for Oswald Saltcoats £494.5.0
Dalderse for Powflats £105.15.0
John Kincaid for Swords Few £9.6.8
John Kincaid for Powmiln £7.0.0
John Burn Larbert £62.4.8
Henry Nimmo's part Larbert £8.0.0
Robert Wilsons part Larbert £6.13.4
Liewis Monteath £50.13.8
Henry Nimmos part Monteath £3.0.0
Norman Livingstens heirs £100.18.0
John Burn Elder £33.6.8
John Hunter £33.6.8
William Gray in Reding £2.15.0
Agnes Alexander £35.10.4
James Dinwidie £24.0.0
George Johnsten £35.6.6
Alexander Gardner £12.0.0
George Livingston £59.1.10
Robert Willsons part Reding £5.6.8
[Page Total] £4261.17.3

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