Proprietor and land Valuation
Lands in Falkirk Parish Valluation
The Lands of Pollmont £100.0.0
Duke Hamilton's property lands there £336.13.0
William Johnston of Powdrake £266.13.4
Craigs & Ruchall £14.0.0
John Gaff in Redding £8.5.0
Hugh Gray now Alexander Braid £5.10.0
James Wilson Burnbrea £4.13.4
Richard Burn £4.0.0
James Walker & James White Weedings £44.13.3
Robert now Patrick Hart £60.12.4
John Johnstoun Now John Ballanden £5.14.8
James Gaff £22.4.4
Thomas Gaff £22.4.4
The Earl of Callander Barrony £3478.9.8
George Minzies part thereof £366.13.4
John Aitkenhead of Jaw £16.13.4
Andrew Russall £40.0.0
James Gilchrist £20.0.0
John Rankin Rottenstocks £30.6.8
Easter stonrig James Stark £50.0.0
Peter now James Baird £200.0.0
James Boyd Easter stonrig £50.0.0
Robert Boyd Wester stonrig £33.6.8
David Russalls part stonrig £43.6.8
Jawcraig George Thomsons part £66.13.4
William Scotts part Jawcraig £66.13.4
Lanton £268.8.8
John Eastons Elder & Younger. Thomas Grays part £75.0.0
John Eastons Elder & Younger Thomas Russalls part £75.0.0
John Eastons Elder & Younger William Boyds part £16.13.4
John & George Boyds of Threeprig £33.6.8
Clerkston £64.8.4
Little Carse £80.10.7
Milnhall £161.1.2
Battock £100.?.3
Kersie Bank £100.11.6
[Page Total] £6332.7.1

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Copy of Stirlingshire Valluation book Whereby the Land tax is
Collected for the Year 1771

[Signed] David Gourlay

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The shilling value of Battock entry is smudged but 0 would give correct total.

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