Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
William Elliot of Wells Esq Mains and Mill of Bedrule fourteen husband lands of the town of Bedrule Unsolit Corscleugh & Fulton £1763.3.9
Huntknow £66.13.4 £1829.17.1
Robert Bell of Mainslaws Mainslaws or Mensless and two husband lands at the Walk Mill acquired from Cavers £263.16.3
Thomas E Ogilvie Esqr of Chesters Newtown & Newtown Mill £853.0.0
part of Ruecastle £39.18.1 £892.18.1
John Rutherford Esqr Knowsouth Ruecastle exclusive of parts sold £426.15.1
Part of Ruecastle £44.6.10 £471.1.11
William Young Lands in Ruecastle £18.0.0
Total Valuation of Bedrule parish £3475.13.4
Duke of Roxburgh Halidean & Fauchhill, Millburn of Bowden, Mains of Charilaw and Tiends and lands formerly belonging to the Feuars of Bowden, Tiends of Bowden, Midlem, Newhall, Kippielaw, Langside and North prieston and feu duties of Bowden £4121.11.0
Alexander Carre Esqr of Cavers Cavers £467.15.8
Newhall £280.0.0 £747.15.8
John Seton Kerr Esqr of Kippilaw Kippilaw £290.13.4
Over Mill of Bowden £58.0.0
Huntly Wood £89.0.0 £428.13.4
Nicol Milne Esqr. Faldonside Langside & part of Midlem Mill £166.13.4
Sir John B Riddell of Riddell Bart [Baronet] A Quarter of Land in Midlem acquired from Cavers £79.11.0
A Land and a half in Midlem called Burlands £56.2.0
part of the Town & Lands of Midlem £113.12.3 £249.5.3
William Cheap Esq of prieston South prieston £153.6.8
North prieston £237.0.0
part of the Town & Lands of Midlem £75.2.3 £465.8.11
James Buckham Midlem Greenhead £18.0.0
part of the town & lands of Midlem £84.10.0 £102.10.0
Carry over £6281.17.6

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