Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Brot. [Brought] forward £6056.4.10
William Irvine of Newton Newton or Chamberlain Newton £238.0.0
Robert Pott Esqr. Gallalaw £156.0.0
Gilbert Chisholm Esqr. of Stirches Stirches or Stirkshaws £214.0.0
Mrs Turnbull of Know Alton or Ald Town £220.0.0
Part of Wester Clarilaw & Penickill or pinnacle £65.0.0
Appletreehall townead £250.0.0 £535.0.0
John Potts Howlands inclosure acquired from Langlands £13.16.0
William Oliver Esqr. His Lands £42.9.8
T. Cook & Cairns Their Lands £4.0.6
Scotts Calaburn Their lands £21.9.4
Incle Co. Hawick their lands £38.0.2
Lord Napier Half of the Barony of Wilton called Langlands £286.6.2
Total Valuation of this parish £7545.6.8
The last five proprietors have paid Land tax & corresponding to their valued rents for a number of years but it does not appear that any disjunction has taken place to ordain the same
Andrew Wauchope Esq Barony of Lochtower £3200.0.0
Halterburnhead acquired from Murray of Chesters £432.0.0 £3632.0.0
Marquis of Tweeddale Kirk Yetholm together with Lands purchased by His Lordship's predecessors from Niddry & Cherrytrees £2289.13.4
George Waldie Esqr. of Henderside Hayhope £204.0.0
Adam Boyd Esqr. of Cherrytrees Cherrytrees £444.0.0
George Walker Esqr. of Therlestaine Therlestaine £480.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £7049.13.4

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