Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation Valuation (Total)
Hugh Scott Esqr of Harden Sandyknow & West third of Smailholm £951.16.10¹⁰/₁₂
New Smailholm £328.7.11
Wranholm or Wrangholm hill £320.4.11⁹⁄₁₂
Wrangholm park £208.0.2⁵⁄₁₂ £1808.10.0
The Honble [Honourable] George Baillie Esqr of Jerviswood Lands in Smailholm with the Mill and Kill which belong to Lord Cranston £1447.0.0
Easter Smailholm Craig £857.3.0
Donaldsons lands £176.3.0
John Hunters Lands £66.12.0
Forsons Lands £66.12.0
James Watsons lands £36.16.8
Mark Ormistons lands since called Boids lands £22.8.0
John Thorburns lands £38.4.0
Henry Homes lands £80.0.0 £2876.11.8
Sir Alexander Don of Newton Bart. [Baronet] Hospital Lands of Smailholm £412.0.0
William Brack Lands in Smailholm £29.5.0
Lands which belonged to George White afterwards to Mr Hutchison £77.10.0 £106.15.0
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Duncan One husband land purchased from Harden £73.0.0
John Cranston One husband land purchased from Harden £73.0.0
Lands in Smailholm which belonged to George Brown £10.0.0 £83.0.0
Total Valuation of this parish £5359.16.8
Lord Douglas Lordship of Jed Forrest £4441.13.4
Cornelius Elliot Esqr. of Woollee Woollee £1000.0.0
Scott of Ashtrees Ashtrees £33.6.8
William Brodie Esqr. of Gatehouscot Gatehousecot £297.17.0
Charles Kerr Esqr. of Abbotrule Abbotrule Grange and Lands which belonged to the Rentaller of Abbotrule exclusive of Gatehousecot £642.7.8
Total Valuation of this parish £6415.4.8

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