Proprietor and land Valuation
Ancrivm paroch
Sir John Scot of Ancrum £2400.0.0
The Earle of Lothian £288.15.0
Cockpen for the Kirklands £200.0.0
The Earle of Roxbrugh £1970.0.0
Robert Bennit of chesters £1460.13.4
Sir William Bennit £800.0.0
Sir Thomas Ker of Cavers £1143.18.0
Mr. John greive for pendicle £500.0.0
The Feuars of neither ancrum £944.0.0
William Elliot of grange £346.13.4
Thomas Turnbull of standhill £120.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of the paroche of ancrum extends to £10174.0.0
Minto parache
The laird of minto £2108.13.4
Mr. Gibbert Elliot of craignend £660.0.0
Suma [Summa] is £2768.13.4
Boddaroull paroche
Sir thomas Ker of Cavers £2027.0.0
The laird of Nentoun £853.0.0
Thomas Rutherfurd of Nousouth £484.0.0
David storie £18.0.0
Andrew Ker of walls £66.13.4
William Miller £27.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Boddaroull paroch is £3475.13.4
Hopkirk paroche
Sir William Elliot of stobs & his brother Gilbert £4642.0.0
My lord Cranstoun £1666.13.4
Henrie Elliot of Harwood £633.6.8
Andrew Ker of walls £409.0.0
Mr. Charles Ker £300.0.0
Langran Trimble £104.0.0
George short there £52.0.0
Thomas Boustoun for kirknow £78.0.0
John Scot of weimes £200.0.0
Eister snainsheil £66.13.8
walter snawsheil £33.6.8
Mr. Archibald douglas for hathoursyde £171.0.0
Adam Turnbull there £40.0.0
westlies £66.13.4
Gilbert Elliot for kirknow £80.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of hopkirk paroch is £8542.13.4
Abbutroull paroche
Mr. Charles Ker £572.0.0
the rentilers ther [there] £225.0.0
Mr. James Ker and his doughter in law £433.6.8
Neither bondchester £140.0.0
Roull tounehead £140.0.0
the widow in fotherlie £80.0.0
Mark Turnbull there £100.0.0
Suma [Summa] of abbutroull paroch is £1730.6.8
Sudden paroche
The Marques of Douglas £4475.0.0
Gilbert Elliot of woolie £1000.0.0
Suma of the rent of Sunden paroch £5475.0.0

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