Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Rosemarkie Parish
Roderick McKenzie of Flowerburn Rosehaugh £1096.3.6
Broomhill £257.3.8
Vice John Millar £116.14.0
Vice Heirs of Hugh Baillie £162.16.0
Vice Heirs of George Houston £27.0.0
The Precincts & Ferry of Chanonry £111.0.0
His Lands in vice of Hugh Dallas £25.0.0
Kinnock £120.0.0
Vice McCulloch of Priesthill £16.10.0
His other Lands £18.18.10
John Lesslie of Findrassie Raddery in Cumulo £1060.15.0
Minister of Rosemarkie Chancellor's Quarter teinds £50.0.0
Chanters Quarter teinds £54.0.0
Lands in behoof of the poor of Chanonry £45.0.0
Andrew Miller of Kincurdy Kincurdy £134.15.0
John MacKenzie of Allangrange Constable Fees from his own Estate £110.10.0
Michael Miller of Gowanhead Gowanhead £70.13.4
Sir Roderick McKenzie of Scatwell Bart. [Baronet] Wester Raddery £50.0.0
Hugh MacLean His Land £58.7.8
Widow Hood Vice George Jamieson £25.15.0
Kenneth MacKenzie Vice John of Knockmuir £18.2.6
James Fowler Esq. Wellfield £34.19.6
James Gregor Chancellor's Croft £6.16.6
Joseph Millar His Land £11.18.10
John Davidson His Lands £1.5.7
Kenneth Leitch His Lands £2.6.1
Donald Junor His Lands £24.1.0
George Aird His Lands £0.17.0
James Wilson His Lands £1.10.8
John Mac Keddy His Lands £1.10.8
James Moir His Lands £7.5.2
Donald Watson His Lands £3.8.2
Total Valuation of this Parish £3752.3.8

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Rosemarkie Parish
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