Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Nigg Parish
John Cockburn Ross of Shandwick Shandwick £100.0.0
Ankerville £527.0.0
Cullis & Rarichies £896.5.8
Balfour's part of said Lands £144.11.4
James Ross' part of same £123.3.0
Sir Charles Ross of Balnagown Bart. [Baronet] Inverchasley's Wadset Lands £431.0.0
Other Lands Vice James McKenzie £245.0.0
William MacKenzie of Bayfield Meikle Kindeace £404.0.0
Alexander Gray Ross of Cromarty Culnauld & Dunskeath £336.5.0
Annat £45.0.0
Munro Ross of Pitcalnie Pitcalnie £317.10.0
Waller Ross of Nigg Gair of Damm's part of Nigg £162.16.0
Urquharts Quarter £87.0.0
Fraser of Pitcallion Pitcallion £215.0.0
R.B.Æ. MacLeod of Cadboll Milns of Kindeace & Pitcalnie £119.0.0
John MacKenzie David Rioch's part of Pitcallion £32.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £4205.11.0
Risolis Parish
Sir Roderick McKenzie of Scatwell Bart. [Baronet] Wester Culbo £100.0.0
John Urquart of Kinbeachy Kinbeachy £100.0.4
Charles Lockart of Newhall Wr. [Wester] St. Martins £100.0.0
David Urquhart of Braelangwell Easter Balblair £93.3.6
H.R.Duff of Muirtown Drumcudden £55.3.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £448.6.10

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Nigg Parish
[signed] A MacKenzie

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Risolis Parish
Note. According to a OVR [Old Valued Rent] Certificate issued [with G Ch] to Alex Mackenzie November 1814 the OVR of Wester St Martins is given at £93.3.6 Scots not £100 as above."
[signed] A MacKenzie

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