Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Parish of Eaglesham
Subdivision of the Valuation of the Earl of Eglintons lands in the parish of Eaglesham which stand rated on the second page of the book copied from at Two thousand nine hundred and thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence Now Subdivided by Decreet of the Commissioners of Supply dated the fourth day of August Seventeen hundred and seventy eight Upon the petition of Archibald Earl of Eglinton and Alexander Fairly of Fairly as follows £2933.6.8
Angus Cecil Gilmour Ardoch Eighty two pounds thirteen shillings £82.13.0
Hugh Montgomeries part of Bartilands six pounds sixteen shillings and three pence £6.16.3
Robert Montgomeries part of Bartielands Two pounds eighteen shillings £2.18.0
Belcraig faulds nine pounds one shilling and nine pence £9.1.9
Belcraig croft and Boreland laigh twenty five pound four shillings and three pence £25.14.3
Boreland high Eighty pounds nineteen shillings £80.9.0
Boreland park Thirteen pounds twelve shillings & five pence £13.12.5
Berrybank & Kegohill Six pounds ten shillings and seven pence £6.10.7
Blackwood Twenty seven pounds eleven shillings £27.11.0
Blackwoodhill Nine pounds seven shillings and four pence £9.7.4
Blacklandfauld six pounds and two pence £6.0.2
Bleakhouse thirty nine pounds thirteen shillings & six pence £39.13.6
Little Bennand Fourty one pounds seventeen shillings and seven pence £41.17.7
Bennand park Thirty seven pounds nine shillings and four pence £37.9.4
Bogside Fourty seven pounds £47.0.0
Bonnytoun Eighty one pounds nineteen shillings and ten pence £81.19.10
Bonnytoun Mure Sixty one pounds fourteen shillings and four pence £61.14.4
Braehead fourteen pounds seventeen shillings & sixpence £14.17.6
Broomknowes & Corselett six pounds seven shillings and nine pence £6.7.9
Angus. C. Gilmour (£14.6.8) Braidflatt Thirty one pounds sixteen shillings and eleven pence £31.16.11
Breakenridge One hundred & ten pounds four Shillings £110.4.0
Breakenridge hill thirteen pounds four & five pence £13.4.5
Burnriggs Seven pounds One shilling and six pence £7.1.6
Angus. C. Gilmour Carrathole Thirty three pounds One shilling & threepence £33.1.3
Castlehill Fourteen pounds eleven shillings and two pence £14.11.2
Corseleesand Tofts fifty pounds thirteen shillings and eleven pence £50.13.11
Comriggs and Catrigs Twenty three pounds ten shillings and Two pence £23.10.2
Cowplaw Four pounds nine shillings and three pence £4.9.3
Angus. C. Gilmour Craigshigh One hundred & thirty five pounds five shillings £135.5.0
Angus. C. Gilmour Craigs south Fifty nine pounds and three pence £59.0.3
Angus. C. Gilmour Craigs Nether Eighty three pounds six shillings & four pence £83.6.4
Denwan Seventeen pounds twelve shillings and seven pence £17.12.7
Dow Craigs Six pounds seventeen shillings & eight pence £6.17.8
Angus. C. Gilmour Drumduff Seven pounds fourteen shillings & three pence £7.14.3
Southfloors fifty seven pounds seventeen shillings and two pence £57.17.2
Northfloors fifty two pounds seventeen shillings & nine pence £52.17.9
Greenfield Thirty eight pounds eleven shillings & five pence £38.11.5
Angus. C. Gilmour Hareshaw Twenty eight pounds two shillings £28.2.0
Holehall Mullowther & Hole Muire Forty six pounds five shillings and eight pence £46.5.8
Holehouse fifty nine pounds ten shillings & two pence £59.10.2
Holehouse holm Two pounds twelve shillings & ten pence £2.12.10
Howsteads five pounds fourteen shillings and three pence £5.14.3
Angus. C. Gilmour Over Inoch fifty five pounds two shillings & two pence £55.2.2
Angus. C. Gilmour Middle Inoch Seventeen pounds twelve shillings and seven pence £17.12.7
Angus. C. Gilmour Nether Inoch Seventeen pounds twelve shillings and Seven pence £17.12.7

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