Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
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page of the book copied from at Three hundred and thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence £333.6.8
Now Subdivided thus
Knockmountains and Langside alias Garnersbraes or Garnerstoun possesst by Hugh Kere £51.10.0
Bogside Hightree & Langside possest by Robert Holm and Hole & Carnapoch £103.0.0
Eastermains of Finlayston in this parish £178.16.8
[Total] £333.6.8
Parish of Kilmalcolm
Subdivision of the Valuation of the Earl of Glencairns lands in this parish by the last above mentioned Decreet proceeding upon the same petition which lands are valued as on the thirty second page of the book copied from At One thousand three hundred and sixty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence £1366.13.4
Now Subdivided thus
Rountreehill Fifty four pounds £54.0.0
Auchinbothie One hundred and nine pounds two shillings £109.2.0
Lapertoun possest by Hugh Kerr and Lapertoun alias Wester Lamiestoun & Messide possest by Patrick Simpson Fourty four pounds fifteen shillings £44.15.0
Easter Wester and Middle Dennistoun One hundred and Twenty seven pounds four shillings £127.4.0
Pace Mure and Turnerstoun Sixty two pounds twelve shillings £62.12.0
Part of this Article redeemed by John Thomson Knockbuckle Cunstoun Mutchill Knapps and Smiddy hill Ninety one pounds four shillings £91.4.0
Kirktoun One hundred and nineteen pounds four shillings and eight pence £119.4.8
Corsehill and Lord Glencairns part of Auchinleck Ninety five pounds six shillings and eight pence £95.6.8
Scottish Provident Institn [Institution] J. P. Harrington & Ors. [Others] Fosters part of Auchinleck One hundred and twenty two pounds eleven shillings £122.11.0
Scottish Provident Institution & Ors. [Others] Blackston and Broadfield alias Broomfield and Bardrines Eighty nine pounds ten shillings £89.10.0
Castlehill and Cloak Seventy two pounds four shillings £72.4.0
Westermains of Finlayston Three hundred and Seventy nine pounds £379.0.0
[Total] £1366.13.4
Parish of Paisley
Subdivision of the Valuation of the Marquis of Clydesdales lands of Hunterhill upon the petition of Sir Michael Stewart of Blackhall By Decreet of the Commissioners of Supply dated the twenty ninth day of April Seventeen hundred and Seventy five Which lands stand rated in the twelfth page of the book copied from at Fourty six pounds thirteen shillings and four pence now subdivided thus as comprehending therein the following lands Vizt £46.13.4
Hunterhill and Craighead at Thirty sixpounds One shilling and fourpence £36.1.4
Barterholm Tenpounds twelve shillings £10.12.0
[Total] £46.13.4
Parish of Cathcart
Subdivision of the Valuation of those parts of the lands of Langside which stand rated on the fiftieth page of this book thus (i.e. the book copied from) Mr Crawfurds lands (part of Langside) possesst by William Pollok Robert Urie and Robert Watson at One hundred and twenty four pounds two shillings £124.2.0
Mr Crawfurds other property lands there part of Wood Quarter at Fourty six pounds five shillings £46.5.0
[Total] £170.7.0
Now subdivided as under by Decreet of the Commissioners of Supply dated the thirtieth of April MvijC [1700] and Seventy eight upon the petition of Dr. [Doctor] Thomas Brown and Robert Crawfurd if Possill Vizt.
Dr. [Doctor] Browns part of Langside purchased from Mr Crawfurd One hundred and twenty pounds £120.0.0
Mr Crawfurds part of Langside Fifty pounds seven shillings £50.7.0
[Total] £170.7.0

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