Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Proprietor Valuation Net cess at £1.6.1 per £100.0.0 Val. [Valuation] -- Net cess redeemed.
Roger Oswalls Lands Fingalton val. [valuation] £700.6.8 divided as under 2nd Sept [September] 1816
223 Sir [--]. C. Pollock Lands of Bannerbank Driffenbeg including Hoolethill, £102.1.0 £1.6.7½
224 Allan Gilmour Esq of Eaglesham Langton and part of Walton, £156.16.0 £2.0.11½
225 Robert Pollock Part of North Walton holding of Mrs Logan £43.15.0 £0.11.5½
226 Mr Speirs of Elderslie part of Walton & Dalcarnock £48.8.3
A. Speirs Esq. Craig for part Craigton, holding of Mrs Logan £19.13.3 £0.17.8½
227 W. Carswell Craig of Carnock, holding of M. Speirs £38.17.2 £0.11.2½
W. Carswell £4.0.0
Sir John Gilmour 228 Allan Gilmour John Gilmour's Mill & Mill Lands of Fingalton part of Easter Walton ⁜ £58.6.8 £0.15.2½
229 James Pollock of Blackhouse James Pollock's lands of Craigston, holding of Mrs Logan £38.17.8 £0.10.2½
230 Allan Gilmour of Eaglesham Middleton holding of Mrs Logan £131.5.0 £1.14.3¼
231 Janet Russell Janet Russell's part of Craigton, £29.3.4 £0.7.7½
232 James Russell James Russell's part of Craigton, £29.3.4 £0.7.7¼
[Total] £700.6.8

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⁜ John Gilmour for his part
of Easter Walton holding of Mr
John Gilmour for his lands of
Walton holding of Mrs Logan

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