Number Proprietors Lands Valuation Sub Valuation
Names of the Towns. Valuation. Scots.
Bridgend £46.3.4d [pennies]
Milltown, and Mill, £75.12.0
Manor-place, Horseward and Craigfaulds, £50.10.0
Wester Branchill, £146.12.0
Easter & Wester Dippanys, £68.7.0
Giblaston £103.0.0
Nethermains, Newton, Killotrees, and Mill £251.12.0
Auchinguhoil £34.0.0
Overwood, £32.5.0
Horsecraigs. £17.13.4
Woodhead and Woodend £79.12.0
Wester Barnshawick £96.18.0
Eastwood of Duchal £7.13.4
Heugh, £63.10.0
Law, Stepends, Mutchell Green, and Tormartine £103.12.0
Hardrigg, Greenside, and Netherton, £63.0.0
[Sub-total] £1240.0.0
The two following articles, which belonged to the original cumulo, had been previously separated in 1759, viz:
Over Kilmalcolm, £133.6.8
Cartsburn's Muiredge, £26.13.4
[Total] £1400.0.0

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RENTAL of the Barony of Duchal, taken from the Process of Sub-
division, and Proof therein adduced, in the Year 1759, exclusive
of the Lands that stand separately valued, in the old or present
Cess-Roll, viz. Blacksholm, Craiglunsheuch, and Tithes, Over-
mains, Little Craigbait and Cars Meadow, the Lands of Side, and
the Lands of Over Kilmalcolm, and Muirede, neither of which are
included in this Rental.

N.B. This is the rental made up by the authority of the commis-
sion in the petition presented in 1774, - and upon which the
decreet of division, 1st March, 1774 proceeds.

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