Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Culross Parish Scots
R. B. Dundas of Blair Blair Bordie etc £420.0.0
R. B. Dundas of Blair Birkenhead £60.0.0
George Glenny Esq Culross Kirktown & Hourtowns Lands £492.0.0
Patrick Begbie Esq Castlehill £122.15.6
Mr Johnston of Sands Middle Grange £201.13.4
Mr Johnston of Sands Burwine £112.0.0
James Dalgliesh of West Grange Chapleton of Bath £40.0.0
Mr Abercromby Foreman's Bath £40.0.0
Mr James Dalgliesh West Bath £130.0.0
Mr James Dalgliesh West Grange & Develie £181.13.4
Sir Robert Preston Valleyfield £543.11.4
James Kerr Esq East Grange £222.0.0
Mr Andrew Clark Easter & Wester Comries £210.0.0
Mr Cunningham Burn's Feu, part of Balgonie £10.0.0
Mr Cunningham Balgonie £190.0.0
James Ranaldson Dickson Esq Blairhall £633.2.0
Revd [Reverend] Robert Rolland Burn's folds £6.13.4
Revd [Reverend] Robert Rolland Newmailing £8.6.8
James Wilson Subjects about Culross £6.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £3630.8.10
Dowally Parish
Duke of Atholl Dowally £250.0.0
Duke of Atholl Gay £366.13.4
Duke of Atholl Kilmorick £230.0.0
Duke of Atholl Rotmel £152.13.4
Duke of Atholl Haugh of Rotmel £101.13.6
Duke of Atholl Dalkepan £193.0.0
Duke of Atholl Part of Rotmell £51.2.0
Duke of Atholl Seat £45.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £1390.2.2

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