Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Dron Parish Scots
Revd [Reverend] John Inglis Ecclesiamagirdle £726.0.0
John H Belshes Esq Balmanno £1736.13.4
John H Belshes Esq Beglie £121.6.8
Kirksession of Dron Bell's Croft £34.0.0
Earl of Wemyss West Dron £631.13.4
Miss Mercer Elphinston Part of Mundie £47.0.0
Mr MacDuff of Bonhard Part of Mundie £50.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £3346.13.4
Dull Parish
Sir George Stewart Bart [Baronet] Grandtully £832.5.8
Dr [Doctor] Alexander Stewart Bonskeid, wt [with] Atholl Feu £111.4.8
Capt [Captain] Adam Stewart Cluny £325.0.0
Duke of Atholl Pildornick £26.13.4
Mr Butler of Pitlochry Ballifuirt wt [with] Atholl Feu £47.0.0
Earl of Breadalbane Moness £222.10.0
Earl of Breadlbane Middle Sticks £55.0.0
Earl of Breadlbane Easter Turririch £90.12.0
Earl of Breadlbane Wester Turririch £53.8.0
Earl of Breadlbane Auchnafad £205.6.8
Earl of Breadlbane Borlick £167.14.4
Earl of Breadlbane Tullicheal £65.2.7
James Stewart Esq Derculich £222.10.0
John Stewart Esq Foss, wt [with] Atholl Feu £463.0.0
Dr [Doctor] Alexander Stewart Duntaulich £228.0.0
John Stewart Esq Shierglass, wt [with] Atholl & Leslie Feu £123.8.4
John Campbell Garrows, wt [with] Lawer's Feu £82.13.4
John Campbell Esq Kinloch, wt [with] Leslie & Coupar Feu £87.12.0
Earl of Breadalbane Turrichardie wt [with] Leslie & Coupar Feu £55.6.8
Gilbert Stewart Esq Fincastle, wt [with] Leslie & Atholl Feu £281.13.4
Robert Stewart of Gairth Six Merk land of Kynachan £123.12.0
Miss Stewarts of Bohally Three Merk land of Kynachan £61.16.0
Duke of Atholl Dalcroy £20.12.0
Sir Robert Menzies Tigarmack £106.13.4
Sir Robert Menzies Glassie £34.17.5
Sir Robert Menzies His other Lands £805.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £4898.1.8

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