Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Fortaviot paroch
My Laidy Ruthven £1260.0.0
Viscount of Dupplin £2252.0.0
Laird of Innermay £1153.6.8
James Neilson £26.0.0
for the Earle of Marrs few £1.0.0
Mungo Buchanan for Hilltoun £243.10.0
The Fewars of Pitwhannantrie £89.0.0
for the Laird of Keirs few £112.13.4
Laird of Strewie Hay £437.16.8
Coble haugh £58.0.0
Forgundany paroch
My Laidy Ruthven £1466.13.4
Laird of Condie for Binyan £293.6.8
Laird of Newtown £500.0.0
for ___ few £5.0.0
The fewars of Strowiehill £66.13.4
More for the Laird of Keirs few £100.0.0
John Moir £26.13.4
Lady Aldies Lands £200.0.0
Colteuchar £140.0.0
Colteuchars for John Lesles Lands £6.13.4
Lady Colteuchar £600.0.0
Carpow for a part of Colteuchars Lands £460.0.0
Rossie elder £150.0.0
Rossie younger £376.10.0
Lord Aberuchill £100.0.0
for Wightonns few £12.0.0
Laidy Condie Lifrentrix £440.0.0
Aberdalgy paroch
Viscount of Duppline £2830.0.0
William Steuart for Lamberkin £170.0.0
Dumbarney paroch
Sir Thomas Moncreiff £2706.0.0
Sir John Murray £130.0.0
Mr William Keir for his pt [part] of Kinmounth £360.0.0
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
James Langlands for Dewars Lands £126.0.0
Alexander Rae £57.3.4
John Anderson £22.0.0
Laurance Clow £12.6.8
James Pitcairne £11.13.4
Heritors of Meikle Fildie £200.0.0
Kilgrastoun for Kirkpottie £450.0.0
For Kilgrastoun & Kintullo Wth [with] Marrs few £527.17.0
for Aldies few £9.0.0
Dumbarnie elder £791.13.4
for Marrs few £12.10.0
for Aldies few £8.17.0
for Mr David Deuars wadset £370.18.4
Pitkeathlie £514.11.8
for Aldies few £8.15.0
St Maidois paroch
Laird of Pitfour elder £244.0.0
Laird of Pitfour younger £1024.10.0
Dron paroch
Balmeady for Ecclesiamagirdle £726.0.0
Sir John Murray £1520.0.0
for a part of Melginch Lands £266.13.4
Baiglie £121.6.8
Mr William Bells Croift £34.0.0
Countes of Weym £631.13.4
Pitkeathly for his part of Mundie £47.0.0
Arngosk paroch
John Gibb for Arngosk miln £91.0.0
Alexander Burt for Easter Deuglie £115.0.0
William Simpson £117.0.0
Robert Burt £109.8.10
John Burt in Abbots deuglie £109.8.10
Dumbarney younr [younger] for Fordle £268.16.8
William Simpson for Blair strowie £89.14.0
Laird of Paris £133.6.8

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