Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Kinnaird paroch
Mr Francis Montgomrie £929.10.0
Sir David Threapland £2215.0.0
Foulis easter paroch
Ochertyre £1640.0.0
Innergourie paroch
Miln field for Dergo £80.0.0
Perth Prisbitrie
Perth paroch
Kinfauns £916.13.4
Craigy Paterson £490.0.0
John Whyt for Magdalens £137.3.4
The Glover Land £266.13.4
Bachiltoun £400.0.0
John Gairdiner for the Few £180.0.0
Sir Thomas Moncreiff for Freertoun £384.0.0
Viscount of Dupplin £2620.0.0
Lord Aberuchell £270.0.0
William Mercer £62.0.0
Bachilton for Robert Smyths Lands £54.0.0
Tippermoor Paroch
John Steuart for the miln of Pitcairnes £72.0.0
Lord Nairn £345.7.4
John Eliots Lands £20.0.0
Patrick Davidson £114.10.0
Viscount of Dupplin for Cultimalindie £2082.0.0
More for the Viscount of Dupplin £511.10.4
Nether Tullilumb £112.0.0
John Robertson Guidly burn £87.0.0
The Glovers Land £305.10.0
Earle of Tullibardine £1338.9.6
for Burngrange £21.0.0
for Easter, Wester Ligham & Leigham £201.9.6
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
John Gairdiner for Easthaugh formerly belonging to the Earle of Tullibardine £128.9.6
Methven paroch
Laird of Tippermallo £483.6.8
John Robertson £17.15.0
Balgowan including Methven Wheatbank and his part of the Dukes teind £1374.6.8
Bachiltoun £1117.3.4
Alexander Ireland for his pt [part] of ½ Lednock £73.6.8
Patrick Gray for half of Lednock £73.6.8
Easter Arditie £100.0.0
Laird of Methven £2260.19.6
for his part of Campsie £60.0.0
Hugh Mitchells part thereof [of Campsie] £60.0.0
Mr Maires Lands £58.11.0
Laidy Aldie for Tullibeigles £228.0.0
for the Teind £50.0.0
James Proudfoot £16.13.4
David Moncreiff £8.13.4
James pullor and David Miller £5.6.8
John Wyllie £5.16.8
Walter Ramsays heirs £12.0.0
George Stobbie £6.0.0
James Cuthbert £6.0.0
Laird of Busbie £333.6.8
Laurance Miller for a part of Brewlands £25.0.0
David Miller for a pt [part] of Brewlands £25.0.0
Rogortoun paroch
Lord Nairn for Rogortoun £444.9.0
James Grahame of Benchills £242.5.4
for Inchmartines few £4.5.4
Balgowan £680.16.0
For Cromlix few £9.6.8
Logy for Mullian £222.6.8
Lord Nairn for Mr Andrew Arnots Lands £363.8.0
for Inchmartines few £6.9.0
Lord Nairne for Luncardie £400.0.0

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