Proprietor and land Valuation
The Lands of Lockloy and park not wodsett being Twentie Fyfe chalders victll [victuall] Ane Thousand Two hundreth & Threttie two punds £1232.0.0
Kinsterie -- The Lands of Kinsterie Easterbrightmunie Garballes hillend &c: being Sextein chaldrs [chalders] victwall Seaven hundreth & Twentie punds £720.0.0
The Lands of Newtoun of Park wodsett to Kinsterie being Sex chalders and ane half Three hundreth and Four punds £304.0.0
Calder -- The Lands of Fyinsfeild being Two chalders victwall Nyntie Sex punds £96.0.0
Lethen -- The Laird of Lethan for his estate wtin [within] the Shyre of Nairne Including wester Brigchtmunie of which The Lands of Clune a part of the barronie of Moyns Two Thousand Two hundreth & Seaventie Sex punds £2276.0.0
Knockondie -- Knockondie & Bellachraggan Nynte Sex punds £96.0.0
Boath -- The lands and Estate of Boath Including what was lyferented by Kathrine Brodie spous to the deceast James dunbar of Boath Seven hundreth Eightie Two punds £782.0.0
Greinhall -- The lands of Meikle and Littell Penick, now called Greinhall being [blank] chalders victwall Sex hundreth nyntie sex punds £696.0.0
The Lands of Moynes with the pleugh of Earl Seat Sumetyme wodsett be the deceast Major George Beatman Eight hundreth punds £800.0.0
The Lands of Blackhill being Fiftie two bolls victwall Ane hundreth Fiftie Sex punds £156.0.0
The pleugh Land of Leylands Wodsett be the heirs of the deceast Mr John Cumming being Twentie bolls victwall Sextie punds £60.0.0
The Lands of Boighole being Nyne Chalders oat wodsett and possest by the religs of the deceast Donald Campbell of Borghol Four hundreth Threttie two punds Sex schillings £432.6.0
The Bishoprick of Murray within the Shyre of Nairne Ane hundreth punds £100.0.0
The Lands of dunmaglash perteaning to Farqwhar Mcgilliwrae of dunmaglash Four hundredth punds £400.0.0
The Lands of Wester Berven perteaning to David Rose Seaventie three punds twelve Schilling £73.12.0

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By this Valuatione every chalder of victwall Is valued at
Fourtie eight punds Supply which is certanely dearer by very
much Then any other valuatione in Scotland
This is the true Coppie of the valuatione book of the Shyre of
Nairne Subt [Submitted] by the Commissioners of the sd [said] Schyre As reSigned
attested by Mr John dunbar Schirreff deput & Colector of the Supply
of the sd [said] Schyre & John Montfod Schirreff clerk att Nairne the
Second day of Febby [February] jajvijct and Fyve years

[signed] Montfod
[signed] John Dunbar

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It is to be remembered That the Cess of Ferintosh
belonging To The Laird of Cullodden Is ordained by act
of parliament To be payed To the Colector of Innerness

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