Proprietor and land Valuation
Kilravock -- The Barronie of Kilravock & Geddes Cantray Easterurihell, Ardclaugh Kinndie & Auldearn Three Thousand Fourtie Seven punds Nyne Schilling £3047.9.0
Clava -- The Lands of Clava Wester urihell Flones & Bellavraid Fyve hundreth & Fourtie punds ten Schillings £540.10.0
Cullodden -- The Lands of Ferintosh belonging To The Laird of Culloddin Two Thousand Fourtie Nyne punds Seven Schilling £2049.7.0
Glenernie -- The Lands of Glenernie perteaning to John Fraser of Glenernie Seaventie Seaven punds £77.0.0
Craigroy -- The Lands of Craigroy perteaining to John Fraser of Craigroy Fiftie four punds £54.0.0
Dallasbruchty -- The Lands of dallas bruchtie perteaning to the heirs of the deceased James Cumming £54.0.0
Loggie -- The Lands of Loggie Loyne & Ardrie perteaning to the heirs of the deceased John Grant Sometyme of Moyness Two hundreth & Twentie punds eightein Schilling £220.18.0
The Earle of dumfermling fewdewties Fourtie eight punds Sextein Schillings £48.16.0
Mr Robert Ronnaldsone Heirs -- The heirs & Successors of the deceast Mr Robert Ronnaldsone for his lands in auldearn Eightein punds Fyftein Schillings £18.15.0
Laird of Calder -- The Barronie of Calder besyds the wodsetts of terment[?] Raills, Cluness Four pleughs of easter delnies Merkland and Littell Arckreyes Flones and Capernoch Two Thousand Four hundreth and Threttein punds £2413.0.0
Wester Delneis -- William Campbell for wester delneis being two chalders Nyntie Sex punds £96.0.0
Auchindoun -- The Lands of Auchindoun possest by The heirs of the deceast John Campbell of Auchindoune being Twentie four bolls Seaventie two punds £72.0.0
Brackley -- The Lands of Breakley being Fourtie bolls victwall Ane hundreth & twentie pounds £120.0.0
Torreich -- The Lands of Wester Torreich being Seaventie bolls rent besydes Seaven bolls which valued with the rest of the barronie of Calder and Three pleughs of Boath wodsett and possest be the relict of the deceast Patrick Campbell sometyme of Boath in all Fourtie one bolls of victwall Ane hundreth Twentie Three punds £123.0.0
Bridyett -- The Lands of Inschgeddell perteaning to Hugh dallas of Bridyett Eight bolls victwall Twentie Four punds £24.0.0
Littell Benarkie -- The Lands of Littell Benarkie wodsett Sometyme To the deceast Duncan Mcmascall The rent being ten bolls Thertie punds £30.0.0

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Book of the Valued rent of the Shyre
of Nairne For uplifting the Supplie
for the tearme of Mertinmes Jajvict
Fourscoir and Ten years [1690]

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