Proprietors and lands Property valuation Property totals
Valuation of the Parish of Tongland Contd [Continued]
Amount Continued £2672.16.0
Ephraim Lockhart
Dunjop £125.10.8
John McKeachie
Bogrough (now called Deeside) £10.0.0
The Revd [Reverend] Alexanderr Brown
Meikleyett £7.0.0
[Total] £2815.6.8
Total Valuation of the Parish of Tongland Two thousand eight hundred and fifteen pounds six shillings and eight pennies.
Valuation of the Parish of Troqueer
James Maxwell of Kirkconnell
Part of Kirkconnell £514.0.0
Part of Mabie viz Gillfoot, Whinnyhill, Nethertown, Eelburn, Greenmerse, and Part of Cruiks £186.0.0 £700.0.0
William Stothert of Cargen
Cargen £615.0.0
Harbert Lewars' Kirkland Croft £10.0.0
Part of Carruchan £237.2.8 £862.2.8
Richard Howat of Mabie
Part of Mabie viz Mains of Mabie, Dalchinnie, Craig bill, Marthrown, Holecroft, Hill head, Dullarg or Burnside, Butterhole, Bridysholm, and Part of Cruiks £328.0.0
Robert Maitland of Goldielea
Part of Hoolm £145.0.0
Holm Multures £82.10.0
Part of Drungans £128.8.6 £355.18.6
Contind [Continued] £2246.1.2
Valuation of the Parish of Troqueer Contind [Continued]
Amount Contd [Continued] £2246.1.2
George Maxwell of Carruchan
Part of Carruchan £225.0.0
Cunninghams Cargenbridge Croft Otherwise Cruiks Croft £12.0.0 £237.0.0
William Maitland of Auchlane
Dalskairth £150.0.0
Light Waterford (Part of Holm) £20.0.0
Part of Drungans £51.11.6 £221.11.6
Mrs Jean Gracie
Garroch £100.16.0
Kilnford £17.0.0
Moortrieknowe £5.0.0
Irvings Cargenbridge Croft £18.0.0
Provost Irvings three Acres £20.0.0 £160.16.0
Mrs Clementina H. Maxwell of Munshes
Nether Terraughty £141.13.4
Chapmanleys £30.0.0 £171.13.4
Major Genl [General] Matthew Sharpe of Hoddam
Terraughty Miln £60.0.0
Fellend £36.15.0
Starryheugh £50.0.0 146.15.0
Robert Carrick of Braco
Meikle and Little Auchenfads, Halfmerkland of Whitehill, Millhill and Crofts of Loshes (comprehending Catoak (all parts of Kirkconnell) £146.0.0
Thomas Corrie of Culloch
Priestlands (Part of Redbank) £74.0.0
Another Part of Redbank £44.0.0 £118.0.0
Edward Boyd of Mertonhall
Woodhead £50.0.0
Marthrown, Armanogh and Quarterland £69.0.0 £119.0.0
Contind [Continued] £3566.17.0

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